I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’ve tried everything to help your teenager but things are just not improving.

I also know how hard it is to know where to even begin to figure out what to do or try next.

How can coaching help? (And am I right right coach for you?)

At this point I fully expect that you may be wondering not only if coaching is a good option for you, but also, whether I’m the right person to help you finally get the results you’ve been yearning for. I understand. It’s not easy to figure all of that out just by reading things on a website!

Which is why I offer a FREE 30-minute consult call

This free consult call is not a coaching call; it’s just a chance for us to talk about where you are and where you want to go…and to figure out together whether I’m the right person to help you get there.

This call is truly free and no-pressure–you are not obligated to move forward with any further consulting or coaching with me after this call. This consult call is a simply a great way for you to find out more about how coaching works and how it could help you, and us to get to know each other better so we can have a better idea whether we would be a good fit working together–personality-wise and goal-wise.

Sound good?

If so, here’s how to move forward with your FREE call:

STEP 1: Click the scheduling link below.

STEP 2:  Answer a few Pre-Consult questions.

Since our time together on the call is limited, it’s helpful for me to know a bit about you, your most pressing problems and what goals you hope to achieve by working with me before we talk. So at the time you schedule your appointment, you will be asked a few pre-consult questions. All you have to do is fill in the form that will pop up when you are scheduling your appointment and I’ll receive and review your answers before we get on the phone together.

STEP 3: We talk for 30 minutes.

At the designated time, I will call you via Skype (voice only; no video).

(If you don’t have Skype, you can download it for free by going HERE.)

STEP 4: We decide next steps together.

If we mutually decide that I can help you achieve your goals, at the end of the call we can discuss options for working together one on one.

Ready to get started?

All you have to do to get the ball rolling is click the “Schedule Appointment” button below! I look forward to “meeting” you and talking with you soon!

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