“See the Forest for the Trees” Package

 Calls + Email Support 

This option is for you if you been struggling with an especially frustrating issue related to your teen, you have no idea what to do or try to improve the situation and you’re worried about your teen’s future if things continue the way they’re going. Also, this problem you’re having has resulted in you feeling stressed out a lot of the time, has put a huge strain on your relationship with your teen and has resulted in a very unpleasant home environment for the whole family.

Do any of the following descriptions sound like you?

  • You are at your wits’ end due to your teen’s lack of progress and/or motivation at school. Nothing you’ve tried has helped the situation and you are out of ideas for what to try next;
  • There are certain things you’d like to help your teen with (improved hygiene, getting out of bed and/or to school on time, being more social, etc.) but s/he won’t accept your help and you don’t know what to do;
  • You are at a loss for how to discipline and/or set meaningful, effective consequences, for your teen. Even taking away his/her beloved cell phone doesn’t work anymore! 

If so, this is the package for you! 

When you work with me via this “See the Forest for the Trees” package, we will discuss one major issue you’re having. You get the benefit of my unique objective perspective and honest, knowledgeable input and feedback about this situation. And, you will also get specific, targeted personalized suggestions for practical, do-able tools, techniques and strategies that you can begin using immediately to start seeing positive results. 

PLUS with this package, you will also get implementation support: a followup check-in call in 10 days to see how things are going and email access to me in between the two calls so you can get help and support as you implement new strategies.

After completing this package, you will:

  • Feel better (more calm and more hopeful) about your situation; and, 
  • Know exactly what you need to do now and in the future in order to get the results you’ve been yearning for: a happier, more productive teen and a happier, calm, more relaxed home environment.

How this coaching package works:

1. First, after you click the Purchase Program button below, you will see a welcome page where you will be given instructions for how to:

  • Select a day and time for the call;
  • Make a secure payment via Pay Pal or credit card; and,
  • Answer a few intake questions so I can get to know a little bit about your issues and concerns before we have the call;

2. Then, we have a 1 hour and 15 minute Strategy Call during which I will help you with the most pressing issue or concern you’re having with your teen. Over the course of the call, we’ll talk about what you’ve tried up to now to address this issue–what has worked and what hasn’t–and we’ll focus on determining the most likely reasons why those things you’ve tried haven’t worked. Then, I’ll recommend some specific changes you could make and strategies you could try in order to help you finally start getting better results than you’ve been getting up to now. And we’ll discuss and troubleshoot any concerns you have or obstacles you foresee so you can feel confident about putting new strategies in place.

At the end of this call, you will see the problem in a new more clear and hopeful light, AND you will have a practical plan for moving forward in a way that allows you to feel better and make confident, effective parenting decisions related to this issue.

3. Then, we keep in touch via email: After the first call, you will have access to me via email in between the two calls for any questions or concerns that come up. I will also share with you information and resources that I think would be helpful to you as you move forward.

4. Then, 10 days after the Strategy Call, we have a 30-minute followup call to assess how things went and to discuss any remaining questions or concerns you have. 

Summary of what this package includes:

  • 2 calls with me via Skype (voice only, no video):
    • One 75-minute Strategy Call, and;
    • One 30-minute Check-in Call that takes place 10 days after the Strategy Call
  • A written (via email) summary of the highlights of the call, including my insights, observations and recommendations
  • Email access to me in between the two calls so you can get implementation support

Cost: $149

Ready to get started? All you have to do is click the “Purchase Coaching Package” button below!

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P.S. If you want to talk with me first before purchasing this package (e.g., to learn more about how coaching can help you and/or find out whether I’m the right person to help you), let’s have a FREE 30-minute consult call! Or, you can send me an email to joyce@parentcoachjoyce.com


Here’s what parents say after working with me:

“It has been extremely helpful to me to be able to express my concerns to Joyce and to have her listen and give me sound advice. She has gotten to know me well and help me see my weaknesses and strengths. I feel like Joyce guides me in the right direction and helps me find the strength to parent courageously.” ~W.S., West Jordan, Utah.

“The relationship between my son and me had always been strained when it came to his bad grades.  Recently it reached a tipping point and things went from bad to worse….In desperation I reached out and found Joyce.  The techniques and “tools” that Joyce shared with me during our conversations allowed me to change my entire perspective on the situation….It will take work and vigilance on my part, but I feel that I am now prepared to take on this challenge….I just wish I had talked to Joyce earlier.” ~J.S., Denver, Colorado.

“Coaching with Joyce was an empowering, eye-opening experience. I knew how to parent, but had lost my way struggling with my ADHD son over the years. I had become a worrying, hovering, controlling Mom. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working, but I didn’t know how to change. Joyce helped me see that all my worrying wasn’t helping, and was actually hurting my son….The fact that Joyce has been in the trenches with her own son validated what she was teaching me. It’s sometimes hard to take advice from someone who hasn’t been where you are. Joyce has, and has real-life experience and knowledge of what it’s like.  I’ve seen my son step up and be more independent already in response to my changes in how I interact with him. I look forward to a more peaceful relationship with him as he transitions into adulthood. Thank you Joyce!” ~ G.K., Kansas City, Missouri