Coaching and Consulting Packages

Option 1: “See the Forest for the Trees” strategy session- phone call

This option is for you if you have a specific problem or situation with your teen you’d like help with. During a 60-minute phone call, we’ll spend some time getting clarity on the problem, we’ll discuss your desired outcome(s), talk a little about what you’ve already tried…and then I will give you my perspective and input, as well as ideas and suggestions for tools, techniques and strategies to try. This call will be recorded and you will receive a link to the recording immediately following the call.

This package includes:

  • One 60-minute call (recorded).
  • An invitation to my private Facebook group so you can get ongoing access to me as well as group support.

Cost: $99

(Reminder: the first step before signing up for a package is to have a FREE 30-minute consult call. So if you haven’t scheduled yours yet, please go HERE.)

Option 2: “Where the ‘rubber meets the road‘ implementation support” – Phone call

This option is for you if you need some one on one help, guidance, support, and/or encouragement as you implement the new tools, techniques and strategies you have learned. 

Implementation support is so important because strategies and tools are only as good as their implementation! Think about it: How many times have you read something or taken a class or learned a new skill and then when you go home and try to use the new skill or technique, you hit a road block or a challenge or circumstance you weren’t expecting–and your efforts came to a screeching halt? It happens all the time. 

The thing is, any time you put new tools and strategies in place, it’s going to be a two steps forward/one step back process. Without support and encouragement, it’s very easy to get discouraged and end up back at square one (or sometimes even worse off that you started). That’s where I come in with my implementation support. On these calls, I will help you re-focus and get back on track when you hit unexpected obstacles and challenges so you can move forward with your new parenting plan with confidence and success.

This package includes One 60-minute call (recorded).

Cost: $99

(Reminder: the first step before signing up for a package is to have a FREE 30-minute consult call. So if you haven’t scheduled yours yet, please go HERE.)

Option 3: “Get off the Roller Coaster for Good” – Phone PLUS Email support 

This option is for you if you have several issues or concerns you’d like help with and/or you would like some ongoing one on one help and support as you implement new strategies, tools and techniques.  In addition to 4 hour-long recorded phone calls, this package includes support in between calls via email so you can get help, support and input when you need it, not just during scheduled calls.  (This package is the only way to get email support from me in between calls.)

Because we’ll have four 60-minute calls together and lots of communication in between, we’ll be able to accomplish a lot! During our time together, I will help you identify and overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of you reaching your parenting goals and getting the results you yearn for at home and at school (and having the kind of relationship you’d like to have with your teen). I will also provide you with suggestions, tools and strategies to help you solve your most pressing issues and problems with your teen. And best of all, I will be available via phone and email to provide you with any extra support and encouragement you might need as you make recommended changes and put new strategies in place. Changing habits and putting new things into practice is often a 2 steps forward/1 step back situation. That’s why it’s helpful to have someone like me in your corner to reinforce, encourage and cheer you on as you put the new things into practice and encounter any obstacles or challenges!

In addition to 4 60-minute calls **, this package includes:

  • An in-depth intake process that takes place via email so we don’t use valuable call time covering background information
  • Free digital download of my book, “Parenting Teens with ADHD: Practical parenting and mindset strategies to take you from chaos to calm.”
  • Access to me via email in between calls. I will share with you personalized tips, techniques, strategies and resources to help with your specific challenges. And, you will be able to email me questions and get support and encouragement as you implement new strategies.
  • An invitation to my private Facebook group so you can get ongoing access to me as well as group support.
  • Special pricing on renewal packages and/or future implementation support calls. 

**Calls will be scheduled at mutually agreeable times and days and will be recorded. A recording will be sent immediately following each call. 

 Cost: $399

(Reminder: the first step before signing up for a package is to have a FREE 30-minute consult call. So if you haven’t scheduled yours yet, please go HERE.)



It has been extremely helpful to me to be able to express my concerns to Joyce and to have her listen and give me sound advice. She has gotten to know me well and help me see my weaknesses and strengths. I feel like Joyce guides me in the right direction and helps me find the strength to parent courageously. ~W.S., West Jordan, Utah.

The relationship between my son and me had always been strained when it came to his bad grades.  Recently it reached a tipping point and things went from bad to worse….In desperation I reached out and found Joyce.  The techniques and “tools” that Joyce shared with me during our conversations allowed me to change my entire perspective on the situation….It will take work and vigilance on my part, but I feel that I am now prepared to take on this challenge….I just wish I had talked to Joyce earlier. ~J.S., Denver, Colorado.

Coaching with Joyce was an empowering, eye-opening experience. I knew how to parent, but had lost my way struggling with my ADHD son over the years. I had become a worrying, hovering, controlling Mom. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working, but I didn’t know how to change. Joyce helped me see that all my worrying wasn’t helping, and was actually hurting my son….The fact that Joyce has been in the trenches with her own son validated what she was teaching me. It’s sometimes hard to take advice from someone who hasn’t been where you are. Joyce has, and has real-life experience and knowledge of what it’s like.  I’ve seen my son step up and be more independent already in response to my changes in how I interact with him. I look forward to a more peaceful relationship with him as he transitions into adulthood. Thank you Joyce! ~ G.K., Kansas City, Missouri