Bonus Worksheet

As I discuss in my new book, Parenting Teens with ADHD: Practical parenting and mindset techniques to take you from chaos to calm:

Feelings and emotions are not a result of the circumstances in your life. Feelings are caused by your thoughts about those circumstances.


Any results you are having in your life are a result of the thoughts you have about what is happening in your life.

This is really good news because while it’s impossible to change someone else (your teen for example), it IS possible to change your own thoughts!

Imagine feeling calm and happy no matter what your teen does or doesn’t do!

Imagine a home environment where everyone enjoys being around each other!

Imagine being able to be less involved in every part of your teen’s daily home and school life–and feeling good about it!

Imagine how nice it would be to feel confident about yourself as a parent!

In order to have these feelings, you don’t need to wait for your teen to do something different, AND you don’t need to be MORE of a “Helicopter Parent”.

All you have to do to GO FROM CHAOS TO CALM is identify and change the thoughts that are getting in the way of you being a calm, happy parent.

Then, once you know the thought or belief that’s triggering the undesired emotional reaction, you can change it (which then means you will feel better and you will be able to make different parenting decisions).

Think better –>  Feel better –> Do better

I have put together a FREE Examining your Thoughts and Beliefs Worksheet to take you through this Think better/feel better/do better process step by step: from helping you to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are causing you to feel bad…to walking you through how to change them to thoughts that will not only result in you feeling better, but will result in more positive parenting decisions actions and results.

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