Are you a frustrated​ PARENT of a ​​Difficult, Defiant, ​unmotivated ​TEENAGER ​​with ADHD?

​​​​​You're in the right place!

Hi! My name is Joyce Mabe​ and I'm here to help ​​​you FINALLY get the results ​you've been yearning for: a happier, more motivated, productive teen and a happier, calmer, more relaxed you​!

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Welcome! I know we haven't met but I feel like I already know you (because not so long ago I was you!)

As a mom to a son with ADHD myself, I've been in your shoes​. It was not all that long ago when I too was at my wits' end ​because nothing I tried to help my son seem​ed to work. Like you, my greatest wish and desire as a parent was that my son would grow up to become a happy, productive adult despite his ADHD-related challenges, but there were times during his teen years that I could not ​imagine him ever reaching that goal. ​He not only had failing grades​ and a lack of motivation ​to do ​what he needed to do to succeed, but he also was ​defiant toward anyone (especially me) who ​offered help, input or support.

Like you, I was really scared he would ​never become a happy, fully-functioning adult.

And like you, there were a lot of days I felt like a failure as a parent (and if truth be told, I sometimes felt ​tempted to just give up).

The ​good news:

I didn’t give up and I finally found some effective tools and strategies that worked! And, my son ​is now a happy,​ motivated, successful adult and we ​have a great relationship!

The best news:

You can get these kind of results too...and ​you no longer have to figure out how all on your own!  You now have a Parent Coach (who has also "been there, done that" as a parent herself) in your corner to share with you what wor​ks (and what doesn't) and to help you every step of the way as you put new tools and strategies in place!

​Effective Strategies + Personalized Support = HOPE! ​​​

If you are ready...

​For your teen with ADHD to become more motivated​ to do what needs to be done in order to succeed at home, school and in life;

​To feel more calm and be able to end all the nagging, pleading and yelling or micromanaging/helicopter-ing—all while feeling good about the fact that you are helping your teen learn some very important lessons and preparing them for responsible adulthood​;​ 

To improve your relationship with your teen and have them view you as a valuable, supportive ally (and for them to be much more open to receiving ​your input, help and support); ​and,

​To have ​personalized help available to you when you hit the inevitable 'bumps in the road'...

​I'd love to help you!

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